Posted on Dec 20, 2019

Kamna Desai - Dietitian, Mumbai

Almond milk is a healthy, tasty and nutritious substitute to dairy milk that has many important health benefits.
Almond milk is high in fibre, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D. Additionally, it is suitable for people with lactose intolerance or diabetics, as well as those who are vegan or avoiding dairy for any other reason. Almond milk is low in calories, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein than cow's milk, making them a fairly good substitute for milk for people suffering from kidney disease (AKD or CKD) or people on a renal diet.
You can use almond milk in any way that you would use regular dairy milk. Try adding it to cereal or coffee, mixing it into smoothies or desserts. Try making almond yoghurt using probiotic cultures. Or use the cool refreshing almond milk in recipes for ice cream, soups or sauces.
Almond Milk is ...
100 % Vegan
100 % Natural
Lactose - Free
Diabetic - Friendly
100 % Unsweetened
Made Fresh Every Day
No Artificial Preservatives
Allergen warning - Not suitable to people with nut allergy.
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